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[7 mbtc] Quizchain2 Block 3

Thank you for playing the quizchain. After a series of big blocks back to the normal level of 7 mbtc.
In the first run, the question for block 3 was "three digit number" and the solution was "777", which was of course trivially solved at first sight.
This one will be more difficult than that, but it should be much easier than the last four big blocks. Sorry though for asking for a dirty word in the question. It may hurt your feelings thinking of that. No, not that kind of dirty word, this is safe for work.
Funding transaction:
Question: dirty word with XA
Format: [solution] TOMI [TOMI] [link]
Use the private key from block 76 for this again as a link. That private key is L2e6gPSXnq7KJBfkoD7cHGVZuhRUDARJz2Cc9JcSNLsKRZhH552F.
First three digits of MD5 hash are 5f6.
First digit of solution only MD5 hash is 1.
FIrst digit of TOMI only MD5 hash is 0.
Have fun solving this relatively easy block and thank you for playing.
Update: Solved and prize claimed. Congrats to the winner and thank you also for the detailed feedback on the solution and the solving process.
Solution was "reorg" and TOMI field was "CZ Binance". This used the recent news on the Binance hack and the discussion on doing a BItcoin chain reorg. CZ apologized for using this "dirty word".
I have not much to add, except that the "XA" in the question was "CZ" in Atbash code. Would have been just slightly too obvious without that twist. And if I had wanted a slightly more difficult puzzle, I might have used "Atbash CZ" as the TOMI field.
Again, congrats to the winner and thank you everyone for playing.
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